Where Did the Year Go?

Well, its been about a year since I last posted.  And it kind of makes me sad.  My kids are another year older and where did the time go?  Well let me tell you…

March- Added 2 precious foster girls to our home and started finishing the basement

April-  Ash turned 8 and still finishing the basement

May-  still finishing the basement… and busy, busy, busy having meetings and appointments for our girls

June-  Done finishing the basement!! appointment, appointment, appointment, and YEAH family gets to visit

July- and more foster care stuff

August-  Eli starts preschool!!  And Ash 3rd grade!  And 1 of our foster girls preschool!

September-  Eli turns 5!!!!!  And we prepare for our girls to leave us.

October- And they leave…  but to a wonderful home.  I still get to talk to their new mom and hear about all the wonderful things they are doing.  It makes me sad, but I know that they are where they are meant to be.

November-  adjusting to being a family of 4 compared to 6.  Much more free time and I learn to cherish even more my wonderful family.

December-  I love Christmas time!  Listening to music by the fireplace and watching Hallmark Channel movies!

January-  Here we are!

It was definately a hard year for us but I am thankful for what we learned and experienced!  Those little girls will be forever in our hearts.


My Little Superhero

Eli is in love with any superhero ever since he was a little guy.  I remember when he was just a year and a half he was obsessed with Iron Man!  I got a pile of these long sleeve shirts at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving for just $2.44.  I found the applique template here http://www.georgialeigh.com/?page_id=1402.  This is also where I got the template for his Superman T-shirt cape.  All I did was use iron on adhesive for appliques and zig zag around the whole thing!  I make it sound so easy but I am not going to lie… stitching around all those corners and turns of the Batman symbol was a little tedious.  It was well worth it because there is so much joy when you make something for your child that they love!!

Also, I love to shop the remnant rack at Wal-mart and score cute little pieces of fabric for these kinds of projects!  Can’t beat 60 cents!!


Oh Bless You’s!

Eli calls sneezes “bless you’s!”  I love it!  He wakes up and says “mommy I have bless you’s.”  So in honor of this flu season the girls made tissue holders.  This is Ashlyn’s first sewing project and she did quite well!  Here is the website where I got these instructions http://www.marthastewart.com/270705/hankie-holder?czone=crafts/sewing-cnt/sewing-projects&center=326405&gallery=275664&slide=270705.  Though I am sure you don’t need to use them.  It was the perfect craft for the girls and I hope that made Ash will take after her momma and love to sew!

I have been lazy!


Well I am sure you thought I would never post again!  I thought I might not as well….  but I was busy making Christmas gifts before the new year and I thought I might start to share them with you!  I made 2 circle skirts, one for Ash and then one for Renae.  The super cute thing about Ashlyn’s is the matching patch on her leggings.  I used a heart cookie cutter to get the perfect shape.  I did have to hand sew it, but it was worth the time.  I used the same pattern as all the other circle skirts I previously blogged about (http://www.danamadeit.com/2008/07/tutorial-the-circle-skirt.html).  Hopefully you will see Renae’s soon when I can get a pic of it.  Renae’s fabric is the most expensive fabric I have ever purchased but I love it!  And in comparison to the price of fabrics out there it probably isn’t that much.

Super Hero Eli!

We were at Wal-Mart today and we were checking out the 50% off clearance from Halloween.  I found a cape and mask and told Eli we could get it if it was cheap enough.  I figured it would be considering it was cheaply made and 50% off.  It was still $5.87.  That was just too much so I had to break the news to Eli but told him I would make one for him when we got home.  Here is his Superman cape and mask out of one of daddy’s t-shirts.  I made the applique and the mask is out of the t-shirt sleeve.  Here is where I got my ideas http://pukingpastilles.com/?p=57 and here http://www.thesoutherninstitute.com/2011/03/super-hero-cape-and-power-cuff-tutorial.html.  He loves it!


I took a class at our library on how to do Zentangle.  It’s basically just doodling more purposefully.  They have different patterns you can learn or you can create your own. I really enjoyed it and have been drawing a lot the last 2 days.  Here are my 2 favorite.


I am sure you haven’t noticed that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, but I am feeling quite guilty about that fact.  So I am pushing the rewind button to show you my 2 latest projects from Pinterest and another that I finally finished as well.  The first is a circle skirt that I started at my friends and ran out of bias tape.  Finally a few weeks later I picked some up and was able to complete the skirt.  I also made the headband flower.  Ash wore it to church on Sunday and it was just adorable!  Here is the link again for these easy cute circle skirts http://www.dana-made-it.com/2008/07/tutorial-circle-skirt.html

Next, through a Pinterest board link I found this tutorial on this knit zipper pouch.  I plan to use it as a gift.  It was my first time to sew with a zipper.  Will be super cute with some bath and body works planted inside.  Here is the link for this knitted pouch http://www.marthastewart.com/280274/knit-pouches

And last… I have lived without an ironing board since we got married.  I have always just spread a towel over my dryer or counter top.  Well now I have one.  It only cost me $1.50 for the fabric because we had spare wood in the garage.  Now I have one that fits perfectly on top of my dryer and matches my paint!  If you are lacking an ironing board like I was check this one out! http://www.acraftyfox.net/

See ya later!  E